War gaming brings naval battles to the mobile phone with the MMO ‘World of Warships Blitz’.

During the last edition of the War gaming Fest in Moscow, the War gaming team announced that it was working on the development of a title for mobile devices that would delight war game fans. The title in question is ‘World of Warships Blitz’ and is now available in app stores.

It’s a warship version of its award-winning MMO tank, World of Tanks Blitz, which, like this one, also features a primitive PC version. A free download game but with in-app purchases, although they are not necessary to enjoy the experience.

Good game play and cross-play between OS

The mechanics of the game is developed in the historical environment of World War II, and the player’s mission is to lead a fleet of warships including destroyers, battleships, cruisers and aircraft carriers. Add that as in the PC version, the game mode will be different depending on the type of ship chosen.

In terms of game play, the controls are quite simple, with the action options available clearly identified on the screen, such as the movement crosshead or attack buttons, zoom (to see enemies closer) and two options to fix the damage our ships suffer.

All these controls are easily accessible with the screen horizontal and it is easy to adapt to them quickly. In addition, it is a “slow” game where strategy is rewarded, so making the wrong choices by going too fast is not something that can happen to us easily.

The mechanics of the game is based on seven-on-seven naval battles, and you can play alone, or online against or with other players, in collaborative or campaign mode. In addition, it allows cross-play between Android and iOS users without compatibility problems.