Skull & Bones: Naval Battles in the Golden Age of Piracy

For a few moments we became the captain of a pirate ship to enjoy Ubisoft’s new naval strategy and action video game. Did you like the deep-sea battles of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag? Don’t miss this 5 vs 5 multiplayer action title then, as we told you in these first impressions of Skull & Bones, there’s a lot of potential in this war game.

We weren’t really expecting such a title, but after seeing Skull and Bones in action, we’re glad it is! Ubisoft makes the most of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag’s naval battles with an action and naval strategy video game focused on the multiplayer experience with 5 vs 5 battles on the high seas, but it also doesn’t forget the solo missions we’ll be enjoying in full story mode. The protagonists of the action? The pirates! Who have embarked for fortune in the Indian Ocean.

And that was precisely what the playable demonstration presented by the Ubisoft Singapore team was about, because far from focusing the fight on the complete annihilation of the enemy fleet, our goal was to steal as much gold as possible from a convoy. To do this we must take advantage of the particularities of each ship, because there are slow and heavy but with a disproportionate attack power, others more suitable for distance combat, or those that are suitable for boarding maneuvers. The team behind Skull & Bones promises many options when creating our boat, and also gives priority to aspects such as the strength of the wind or sea currents to control a warship that, in this video game, will become a protagonist of the action.

What you need to know

  • Take Assassin’s Creed Naval Battles to a New Level: Black Flag
  • Combat in the Indian Ocean, during the Golden Age of Piracy
  • In addition to the 5 vs 5 battles there will be a history mode
  • There are several types of boats with their own characteristics: mobility, firepower, etc.
  • It’s not all about killing the enemy; there will be boarding missions and spoils.
  • It’s an intense game but with a lot of strategy.
  • In addition to the wind, you must take into account the marine currents
  • There will be a beta testing phase to test the game before its release.
  • Skull & Bones premieres on PC, Xbox One and PS4 in Fall 2018