Skull & Bones and their naval battles to the boarding of E3

Lift anchor! Led by our own pirate crew, on E3 2018 we’ve tackled the fun naval battles of Skull & Bones, an arcade action video game developed by Ubisoft in which we’ll have the opportunity to customize and upgrade our own ship while fighting other players, or partner with them to enjoy exciting offshore duels.

There’s something great about Skull and Bones. In the middle of the fight, in the heat of the battle, you can betray your team members and, without a word, open fire on them to exterminate them all. It can be crazy, the trick can go very wrong if we surround and attack simultaneously but… What if it works? What if you manage to defeat them and get the best booty? The sense of victory is great, and it’s one of the things we liked most about this frantic action video game inspired by the naval battles of Assassin’s Creed IV : Black Flag. There’s excitement and even some tension in offshore duels that don’t lack a grateful variety of weapons to surprise rivals with. Cannons on starboard, explosive lances in the stern, shrapnel on port side; with the option to customize and improve your ship, in Skull & Bones anything goes to achieve victory.

There are different ships to choose from, and you can also use some special skills to crush your opponents. With a strong arcade character, ships are easily controlled but require some mastery to get the most out of them. With PvE missions, as well as PvP combats, Ubisoft’s video game will also have a campaign mode that will allow us to enjoy a pirate story of our own, although for now few more details are known. We also have certain tactical advantages, based on the designs of fate, which vary from game to game and can reward us with favorable winds, for example. Skull & Bones also contemplates boarding, although these are presented as non-interactive video sequences, in line with the treasure hunt, which are developed in the same way. You reach an area of interest, press a button and enjoy the scene, then get your reward in the form of experience points and raw materials to repair the ship or create new weapons.

What you need to know

  • It’s a naval combat game with PvE and PvP.
  • In addition to the multiplayer, Skull and Bones includes a campaign mode
  • You have several boats to choose from that you can improve and customize
  • The game bets on an arcade style, prioritizing the show over realism
  • There is an open registration process to participate in the beta of Skull and Bones
  • Ubisoft’s game will be released on a date yet to be determined in 2019