Silent Hunter III: U-Boat Battle in the Mediterranean

To the conquest of the Mediterranean

The prestigious combat submarine simulation saga Silent Hunter is once again expanding its content with this year’s release of U-Boat, a good addition that will try to shorten the wait for fans of this type of simulation until the launch of Silent Hunter 4.

The prestigious Silent Hunter combat submarine simulation saga is once again expanding its content with this year’s release of U-Boat, a good addition that will try to shorten the wait for fans of this type of simulation until the launch of Silent Hunter 4.

Ubisoft launched last year the third part of Silent Hunter a simulator that goes into a very little treated branch in this type of game as naval combat, a year after this third part and after the great success that has been reaping the saga since its first chapter we present U-Boat: Battle in the Mediterranean, is nothing more or less than the largest and most complete expansion of Silent Hunter III.

Although it doesn’t give us a lot of new game play, U-Boat adds a lot of extra content, maybe it’s wrong to treat it as a real expansion to the use ‘even if that’s their job’ and maybe it’s better to see it as a content package, that’s paid for. Even so, surely the real fans of the saga and thanks to its reduced price don’t care too much about this.

Although it can be understood from these words that U-Boat does not offer us much, one could not be more mistaken in stating this. The list of additions is quite long for an expansion that is marketed at this price, adding among its novelties the possibility of playing a completely new campaign and the correction of many bugs that Silent Hunter III incorporated.

Also, and adapting the game to its new environment, are incorporated around 30 new cities, with their ports and factories, as well as new bases that we will be able to use.

The framework of the new campaign focuses on Italy during the years 1941 to 1943 during the Allied invasion, in addition to the new ships we will also find British and Italian submarines ready for the battle for control of the Mediterranean.

New units and items such as bunkers, new air defenses or searchlights are also included, as well as improvements to bases and new types of bases.

Among the things that have been corrected or changed are the faults in the sonar, the frequency of air attacks has been reduced, new particle effects have been added that improve considerably with respect to the previous ones, night vision has been improved, maps now show the allied air coverage, new radio messages have been added, respawn have now been corrected appearing more accurately, and several key tasks have been added framed in historical events. These are some changes that presents the game from a long list of them, in general we believe that the vast majority have been successful.

The most outstanding playable feature is perhaps the update of the help screens, which are now even more useful when performing the different tasks of staff, attacks and consultations to survive at sea is something simpler.

The owners of the sea

But although all the additions mentioned are interesting something that every lover of this type of simulation and historical recreation hopes to know are the ships and submarines present in the game, in this regard U-Boat: Battle in the Mediterranean adds more than 45 new types of ship that we will meet during our adventure in the Mediterranean.

In addition to four new merchant ships, and British high-speed cruisers, we will find different models of the Type7, the Type IX prototype, the Benson or the Navigatori. A real deployment of units of armies such as German, Russian, Italian, American or British.

Graphics and Sound

Although the game is a year old and its graphic quality still shows a high level, the overall appearance of the game is almost identical to what was seen in Silent Hunter III, the only changes related to the graphic section have been the new effects of smoke and particles as well as the new high-resolution skins that show the units of the game, as well as the interiors of the submarines and the suits of the crew, of course seen as such is not turkey snot, although in general do not expect a radical change.

Despite the improvements included the game does not suffer at all maintaining very similar requirements to the full game it updates.

The sound again becomes a key point, maintaining a high level, in addition new sounds have been added and fixed some bugs.

It should be noted that the game is still entirely in English both text and voices.

How do I play it?

U-Boat as an expansion of Silent Hunter 3 keeps all the essence of it, so both the control through icons, and the calculations to perform the shots remain intact, also the interface in general, although it is true that the expansion brings some improvements regarding the tutorials and help systems in the game.

Despite its simulator character and like Silent Hunter III its expansion adapts marvelously to the different types of difficulty level that will add more or less realism to the game thus making it accessible to a wide public.