New ships, enemies and scenarios. That’s how Sea of Thieves wants to become the game we dreamed of.

There has been some degree of unanimity regarding the lack of content of ‘Sea of Thieves’ during its release, and the best proof of this is that a few days ago Rare stepped up to the critics to say that they would soon offer new details to improve that situation. Fortunately for fans of the game (and those who are still looking for excuses to get back to it), that content roadmap is already a reality.

Through one of its internal videos, the team claims to have been very attentive to feedback from the community and, with it, are already working on new content that will begin to arrive from next May and will be extended for the rest of the year. Among them, a new boat, three new enemies, new objects, challenges and new areas of the map.

The Hungering Deep, the May update

There are two great features that make this update an interesting addition, and both have been widely demanded improvements by the community. The first of them is the inclusion of a new enemy yet to be discovered. Everything points to the sirens and newts, for having appeared in promotional materials in a different way than we see when we recover our boat, but there could also be room for those fearsome giant crabs that we have seen in some of the cave paintings of the game.

Being able to meet them during our travels at any time, what they want to do to promote the update is to create a dedicated event that serves as an official presentation. The idea is to create a special activity that brings together different crews at the same point to end the new threat and, with it, also present unique rewards of the event and offer new items and mechanics, including new ways of communication between crews.

Cursed Sails, the first update of the summer

After The Hungering Deep, the game’s next big date will be in summer, and its main asset will be the inclusion of a new type of boat. Knowing that we already have options for 1 or 2 players, and another for the mixture of 3 and 4, the normal thing would be to see how that number of crew members grows out of the hand of an even bigger boat, but I wouldn’t put my hand on the fire for it.

The point is that the community has long been asking for a 3 player boat halfway between the two existing ones and, if it is true that Rare are paying a lot of attention to what their public is asking for, that would be one of the main drawbacks to be improved. Be that as it may, along with the boat will also include a new type of enemy.

The Forsaken Shores: the second update of the summer

Before the summer ends, there will be a last major update known as The Forsaken Shores. In it, in addition to a new enemy that will be in line with the theme of the update, will open a new area of the map much more dangerous and hard that we can explore at our own pace.

It will be the first major change of territory to be discovered in ‘Sea of Thieves’, and it will also bring new types of adventures. It is not known if this will mean creating new mission guilds, but seeing that the aim of the updates is to offer new ways of grindeo for the existing ones, I would almost bet on new challenges with which to continue raising levels in the already existing companies.

Is that it? No, there is much more on the way

Rare’s big goal in maintaining Sea of Thieves and its community is to enrich and grow as much as possible. The goal is to give you more options to progress, to reach that coveted limit of becoming a legendary pirate, and then support a level system for that category as well.

That’s precisely why from May onward there will be a rhythm of content similar to what we’ve already seen in games like ‘Fortnite’. With weekly updates and events, every seven days a new event will be launched that will serve to present novelties and offer specific rewards for those who venture to complete them. Rare separates these incentives into large groups:

  • New mechanics: to serve as an example and without revealing too many details about what we’ll find in these new features, they talk about cursed cannonballs, a new type of resource that will invite you to generate more combat options, as well as encourage exploration to find this type of ammunition.
  • New ways of playing: in addition to adding new goals for existing guilds, or challenges in the form of “look for this object for such a character in the tavern”, one of the great proposals they have in mind is to encourage exploration through prizes. Right now there are hidden underwater caverns that players have already found, but when they got there there was absolutely nothing. Events will change this not only by challenging players to find these hidden points, but also by rewarding them for it.
  • What’s new on the stage: With the intention of making even more of what’s already been created in the game, Rare aims to introduce novelties such as Skeleton Thrones, thrones that we’ll find at some lost spot on an island, inviting us to find out how we can get there by climbing and exploring. When we do, we will receive a reward for overcoming the challenge.

In addition to all that, during the second half of the year the weekly events will be maintained and, in addition to the three major updates already announced, three more will arrive that will follow the same line of improvements and novelties. And I couldn’t be happier about it. This is just what we asked ‘Sea of Thieves’ not to forget him and, based on changes and surprises, I’m looking forward to the game continues to grow, so I can definitely lose in it.